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Top Pigeons donate generously to the Show of the Year

Top Pigeons arranged a moot at the BHW Show of the Year 2019 in Blackpool, with a top class panel consisting of Mark Gilbert, Piet De Vogel, Jan Polder, Joost De Smeyter and Gerald Schalwijk, chaired by Dave Valantine.

The moot was very well attended, and a small select group of pigeons were auctioned off after the panel had finished answering questions. Shortly after the show the team at Top Pigeons made a generous donation of £2,000 to the Show of the Year charity funds.

The Show of the Year committee would like to thank Top Pigeons for this great donation, and all the people involved in making the event a success, especially the fanciers who attended early on Saturday morning. We hope Top Pigeons might consider having a similar event at the show in 2020.


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