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Training in Wales – UPDATED

Following yesterday’s Welsh Government announcement, the RPRA and WHU has written to the First Minister (again) requesting clarification as to how training pigeons can be carried out within the current guidance.

Training as part of an essential journey

In the meantime my interpretation is: Carrying out training when combined with an essential journey, such as travelling to work, is permitted from Monday. Please refer to the Welsh Government website for further clarification of other essential journeys. However, members should consider the guidance published and come to their own conclusions.

You may recall that that under the original restrictions we stated training as part of an essential journey was not allowed, due to the risks posed to others when repatriating strays. However, the current restrictions in Wales allow you to meet up with individuals from other households (not more than one other household). Therefore we now consider training as part of an essential journey described above as permitted.

Ian Evans


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