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UNIKON Update 2022

We have received the following from Deister regarding an update to UNIKON clocks for 2022:

“There is a firmware update to 3.2 which is required for all UNIKON Champ and Profi bases, club and loft.

All clubs will be contacted as soon as possible; this has been delayed due to a change with email processes but we did not want to delay the release of the update as we need to ensure that all clocks are updated as soon as possible. We hope to have this information sent out to all registered clubs before the end of the week.

Full details on how to complete the update can be found on our website at https://www.unikon.co.uk/downloads/ where there is a step by step instruction guide and also a video to ensure that all users are able to update.

We are aware of one issue that is occurring when the update has been completed. However, this can be rectified by following the steps in the trouble shooting section of the instructions (point 14).

If further help is required or any issues that are different to those outlined on the instructions, please advise users to email the UNIKON service department on [email protected] for further help.”

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