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University of Westminster – Filming at The Reddings

Documentary on Racing Pigeons

Helen, Ben and Abi, three BA television students from the University of Westminster, have been at The Reddings producing a documentary about pigeon racing. They are part of a small filming crew which aims to promote awareness and interest in the sport among young people and should end up being a unique and exciting project for both its contributors and its viewers.

The project idea stems from Helen’s experience of the pigeon world through her parents, Ray & Daphne Vidler (R. V. Woodcraft) who are aiding the project with content and resources as much as they can.

In addition to interviewing staff at The Reddings, the team spent time filming pigeons at Karen’s loft which is just next door. They then planned to go off and interview and film a selection of young fanciers, along with several other interesting pigeon-related topics!

Unfortunately the University does not give any funding for the documentary so the RPRA stepped in with a small donation to help commission the project.

In return the students will be able to provide copies of the finished programme for the RPRA to host on our website, play at events or use however we feel appropriate.


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