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Update on Beech Grove School loft

Kent Shirky gives us an update on the pigeon loft at Beech Grove School in Kent: “Our loft project continues to develop, and is proving beyond my expectations to have great educational benefits. The photos show much of the work we have done in and around the loft, the donations have supported that as well as making it possible to pay the necessary fees for membership in our local club, in the hopes of racing soon! We would like to fit our loft with electronic timing at some point, an improvement that would not have been possible without the RPRA’s generous support.

“At present we have 5 breeding pairs, with 10 youngsters hatched out and doing well! Additionally, several local pigeon fanciers have kindly offered young 2018 birds, which is very much appreciated.

“A summary of work done on the loft: Pavers were re-laid, and a fence fixed up, re-stained, and added to the front of the loft (right).

“2 cupboards were modified and installed just inside the loft entrance. They are used to store feed, grit, nest bowls, cleaning equipment and other bit and bobs.

“Below is one of the three stall traps we built and painted. Below it is the exit door, which was also removed, fixed up, and repainted. Removable trays were built and installed underneath the aviary. These catch droppings, feathers etc. and keep the loft and its surroundings much tidier.







“The removable shelf (right) is used to hold the pigeon bath. It has proven to be quite useful, easy to store away, and seems better than having it on the floor of the loft, or the ground outside. It can be attached by any of the three loft compartments.”




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