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Weather Report

Knowing the weather is critical to success in pigeon racing. The release of pigeons is weather dependent and we will not release into poor weather at the site, or where inclement weather is reported on the line of flight back to the club region. It is not unusual for the transporter to wait a day or two for the weather to improve.

We have been working with the Met Office to develop a weather reporting system that will assist organisations in race management of continental racing.

We will now be publishing a weather briefing from the Met Office which will include general weather conditions such as rain and visibility, but also information on cloud height and density, temperature etc.

The system is very much in the early stages of development and we will learn as we go along.

This page will be updated at approximately 4.00pm each Friday during the racing season, and hopefully, in future weeks, a further update will be provided on Saturday morning.

We hope that you will use this weather resource to help you plan your liberations. Click on the image to download the weather forecast for 7th September 2019.