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Winged Warriors – a film in the making

TV director, Evy Barry, is currently making a film about carrier pigeons during World War 1. She has already visited RPRA HQ to interview General Manager, Stewart Wardrop, and to see the artefacts which we hold here, but she is also looking for support from our members.

Evy says: “I am writing to the pigeon racing community because I would love its support for my film ‘Winged Warriors.’  It celebrates the role played by messenger pigeons on the frontline during World War One.  The premise is as follows: the remnants of a platoon make it to the enemy trench and quickly realise they will have to rely on their messenger pigeons to get a message back to HQ.  Three chances, three pigeons.

“If you are able to contribute please visit the indiegogo website at the following address: www.indiegogo.com/projects/winged-warriors-film/x/8443512

“I am a TV director with more than 10 years experience and I am going to make a very beautiful little film but need a bit of help to do it.  If you would like more information you can ring me 07879 227643 or email me [email protected].  Please have a look at the video, it should tell you all you need to know and it features not just me but Stewart Wardrop and Taff Gillingham from The Western Front Association too.

“Thanks very much.”


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