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Young & Intermediate Fanciers YB Competition

The RPRA Young & Intermediate Fanciers’ Competition was held over the first and fourth weekends in August. To ensure fairness across the UK, the results were calculated by use of the coefficient system. The best performance in each group on each weekend, as defined by the coefficient, wins £50 cash donated by Brittany Ferries.

The lucky winners were:

Weekend 1 – Young Fanciers
Paisley Brindle of Colne, Lancs, 1st Club from Cheltenham, velocity 1653

Weekend 1 – Intermediate Fanciers
Zak Richards of Basingstoke, 1st Federation from Kingsdown, velocity 1548

Weekend 2 – Young Fanciers
Wesley Ellis of Chester, 1st Federation from Frome, velocity 1442

Weekend 2 – Intermediate Fanciers
Dan Smith, Oliver & Owen Percival of Barnstaple, 4th Combine from Poole, velocity 1007

Two extra prizes are also awarded:

Paisley Brindle’s Weekend 2 result was runner-up to Wesley Ellis’, but her combined results win her the best performance over the two weekends, taken as the average of the coefficients for Weekends 1 and 2, for which she receives £50 cash donated by Brittany Ferries.








The prize for best single performance by a bird wearing a free ring issued by RPRA goes to Charlie Millward of Buckley, whose GB12K01274 was 1st Federation from Monmouth on Weekend 2. He wins a £200 TauRIS ETS voucher.

Our congratulations and thanks to all of the entrants, particularly those who pushed the winners close:
Billy Gilbert, Shayli & Tudi Soper, Rachael Bacon, and Kory Galloway.

Many thanks too, of course, to our competition sponsors: Brittany Ferries and TauRIS.


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