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Bird Flu Updates

Case Update England Following successful completion of disease control activities and surveillance within the disease control zones surrounding the second premises near Redgrave, Mid Suffolk, Suffolk, the 3km Protection Zone has ended, and the area has merged with the 10km Surveillance Zone (effective from 20:00 on the 15 May 2022). A 10km Surveillance Zone remains in force […]

Avian Influenza – Code of Practice for Pigeon Racing

The Avian Influenza Code of Practice has been updated and may be downloaded here.  The code is based on the legal requirements, and every member and organisation should read the document. In addition, it will provide clarity in respect of what can be done if your loft is situated within a disease control area.  To […]

Racing and Avian Influenza

As the racing season is approaching, I feel it beneficial to comment on the possible impact of the current Avian Influenza position. As previously published in our guidance here, despite the high level of avian influenza outbreaks, gatherings of racing pigeons are still permitted under the General Licence. Therefore, inland racing is currently permitted and […]

Bird Flu – Advice on Shows and Exercising Birds

Given the increasing level of Avian Influenza restrictions present in the UK, we wish to provide some clarity in relation to pigeon shows and exercising pigeons. Please note, this information is accurate as of 30th November 2021. Please continue to visit the RPRA website or social media for updates. The following advice is published jointly […]

Save the pigeon sport from bird flu

The world governing body for pigeon racing – the FCI – has set up a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of proving that racing pigeons are not susceptible to bird flu. Please read the FCI’s  following press release, and consider lending your support. FCI Press Release 2017 will go down in history as the year […]