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Junior Members


Discover the amazing world of pigeon racing through one of our Junior Membership packages

Young Flyers

You can become a Young Flyer FOR FREE which is a great way to start to learn about pigeon racing and showing. You will also receive lots of cool goodies to show off to your family and friends, including:
• 4 seasonal newsletters all about our junior members and their racing pigeons
• Junior Membership badge
• Poster all about the different colours of pigeons
• Free tickets to the British Olympiad
It has never been easier to become a Young Flyer: all you have to do is fill in this online application form and you are away. (Online applications can only be taken for Young Flyers at the moment.)

Young Racers

For just £7 a year you can become a Young Racer, which is our premium Junior Membership and is aimed at Under-16’s who have their own pigeons or who are looking to own their own pigeons in the future.
As a Young Racer you will receive:
• 4 seasonal newsletters all about our junior members and their racing pigeons
• Junior Membership badge
• Membership card & membership number
• Posters all about the different colours of pigeons
• 20 free rings registered to you (8 to 16 years olds ONLY)
• Full use of all RPRA services
• Free tickets to the British Olympiad
To become a Young Racer all you have to do is send in the application form below and we will do the rest. (Unfortunately we are not able to take online applications for Young Racers at the moment, only Young Flyers.)


Click on the image to download a copy of the form

Every Young Racer is eligible to apply for our RPRA Awards and also compete for FREE at the BHW Show of the Year in Blackpool!! Here are this year’s winners – well done everyone!!


Sprint Championships 0-250 miles

1st Prize was awarded to Ellie Marshall of Comber GB17L02683 Blue pied cock, 6 results inc 2nd club, 143 miles, 82 birds. Ellie received a trophy, a medallion and a cheque for £50.

2nd Prize was awarded to Riley & Kian Wilkinson of Bridlington GB19H00384 Dark chequer cock, 1st club, 1st combine, 74 miles, 1678 birds. Riley & Kian received a medallion and a cheque for £30.

3rd Prize was awarded to Zoe Bowler of Chesterfield GB19L38640 Dark chequer cock, 1st club, 8th open, 184 miles, 1089 birds. Zoe received a medallion and a cheque for £20.

Middle Distance Championships 251-450 miles & Guy Barrett Trophy

1st Prize was awarded to Keelie Wright of Craigavon NEHU18Z5807 Blue hen, 4th club, 13th section, 253 miles, 3464 birds. Keelie received a trophy, medallion and a cheque for £50

Keelie also won the Guy Barrett Trophy for outstanding service to the sport by an U16 year old member.

“Keelie is an active member of Lurgan Social HPS. She is on the clock committee and sets the ETS up, rings birds through it and baskets. She is now responsible for doing the club results on the ETS and laptop for the club, to send to NIPA HQ. She also does the crates, handles birds and loads the lorry. Keelie is also one of the top show fanciers and in 2018-19 won 48 prizes in 7 shows.”

[The BBC have filmed Keelie for a programme due out in 2020 on CBBC. It shows her preparations on race night, the birds’ arrival and processing results. The focus is on promoting the sport.]


Class 34 Young Fancier Likeliest Cock – Racing Pigeon

1st Taylor Law – GB12A28638
2nd Aidan Winter – GB18R02175
3rd Taylor Law – SU18L4400
4th Keelie Wright – GB17L12547
5th Keelie Wright – NWHU2017T1889
6th Taylor Law – GB15D11764
7th Taylor Law – SU13ML2439
8th Cameron J Hannah – GB15D20437
9th Aidan Winter – GB18R02188
10th Keelie Wright – GB16L07341

Class 35 Young Fancier Likeliest Hen – Racing Pigeon

1st  Aidan Winter – GB17B10007
2nd Taylor Law – GB12D01054
3rd Taylor Law – GB19D15754
4th Jack McCord Jr – SU18F3201
5th George Tytler Jr – SU12ML605
6th Taylor Law – GB13D18961
7th Jack McCord Jr – SU12F944
8th George Tytler Jr – SU19P1880
9th Keelie Wright – GB17L12894
10th Taylor Law – GB18D25268

Class 36 Young Fancier Likeliest Cock – Show Racer

1st Cameron J Hannah – GB18SR00025
2nd Nathan Marples – GB18SR02809
3rd April Kean – GB17SR05383
4th Aidan Winter – GB17SR03371
5th April Kean – GB18SR01500
6th J Cotton – GB18SR05310
7th April Kean – GB19SR01249
8th Keelie Wright – GB19SR02808
9th Cameron J Hannah – GB19SR02738
10th Nathan Marples – GB19SR01084

Class 37 Young Fancier Likeliest Hen – Show Racer

1st George Tytler Jr – GB19SR04116
2nd Cameron J Hannah – GB19SR02731
3rd Cameron J Hannah – GB17SR03070
4th Theydon Bois Primary School – GB19SR02933
5th George Tytler Jr – GB17SR05646
6th George Tytler Jr – GB18SR01760
7th Craig Coutts – GB16SR04924
8th Keelie Wright – GB16SR04124
9th Henry Nee – GB18SR02947
10th Aidan Winter – GB15SR01679


Ellie Davidson, Nafferton

Would you recommend young people to get involved in pigeon racing?

‘Yes I would, it’s a fascinating sport dating back to the world war and ideal to help with all issues anybody has. With the support from the RPRA and fanciers who are willing to help new starters, it is easy.’

Owen Abbery, Berkshire

“After being hooked to this sport for 12 years I will definitely carry it on for the rest of my life. As well as dreaming to be a very high class fancier, I also want to try and get young people like me hooked onto the sport, and help keep this long time and historical sport going and jumping out to those that strive across its path.”

Below is a gallery of some of our junior members: