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Junior Members

Discover the amazing world of pigeon racing through our Junior Membership.

Young Racers

For just £7 a year you can become a Young Racer, which is our premium Junior Membership and is aimed at Under-16’s who have their own pigeons or who are looking to own their own pigeons in the future.
As a Young Racer you will receive:
• A Quality magazeine all about our junior members and their racing pigeons
• Junior Membership badge
• Membership card & membership number
• Poster all about the different colours of pigeons
• 20 free rings registered to you (8 to 16 years olds ONLY)
• Full use of all RPRA services
To become a Young Racer all you have to do is send in the application form below and we will do the rest. (Unfortunately we are not able to take online applications for Young Racers at the moment, only Young Flyers.)


Click on the image to download a copy of the form:

Every Young Racer is eligible to apply for our RPRA Awards and also compete for FREE at the BHW Show of the Year in Blackpool!! Here are this year’s winners – well done everyone!!


Young Fanciers Long Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Mullen Brothers of Portadown – GB20L02231

Intermediate Young Fanciers Short Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Keelie Wright of Craigavon – GB20L10969

Intermediate Young Fanciers Middle Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Owen Abery of Reading – GB19L01466

Guy Barrett Trophy

And Medallion: Owen Abery, Reading

Bamford’s Top Flight 2021 Schools Championship Trophy

And Medallion: St Andrews Primary School, Oswaldtwistle – GB20N61585. Co-efficient score of 1.12.

ToPigeon 2021 Schools Sprint Champion

Highest Velocity Winners Medallion: St Andrews Primary School, Oswaldtwistle – GB20N61600. Velocity of 1552.841 yards per minute.


Class 9 Junior & Schools Class – Cock

1st Reece & Scott Swann – GB14J05247
2nd Reece & Scott Swann – GB16S67596
3rd Aidan Winter – NWHU15A2788
4th Diggle School – GB19Z S41426
5th Keelie Wright – GB14L07298
6th April Kean – GB17SR05383
7th St Andrew’s School – GB18F31563
8th April Kean – GB18SR01387
9th M-A & M Coleman – GB19L17506
10th Aidan Winter – GB16SR03595

Class 10 Junior & Schools Class – Hen

1st  Keelie Wright – GB17L12599
2nd Reece & Scott Swann – GB18B19977
3rd Aidan Winter – GB17B10007
4th St Andrew’s School – GB20Z62594
5th Keelie Wright – GB19L00740
6th M-A & M Coleman – GB20D10338
7th Stephen Carpenter – GB20R36664
8th Aidan Winter – GB17SR03368
9th M-A & M Coleman – GB20L00771
10th Reece & Scott Swann – GB17ML321


Ellie Davidson, Nafferton

Would you recommend young people to get involved in pigeon racing?

‘Yes I would, it’s a fascinating sport dating back to the world war and ideal to help with any issues anybody has. With the support from the RPRA and fanciers who are willing to help new starters, it is easy.’