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Press and Schools

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association welcomes enquiries from journalists and reporters. For all media enquiries please contact Jess or Sophie at Voice Communications on 01206 332110.

Alternatively, please direct your enquiry to the most appropriate Pigeon Racing Union below:

North East Homing Union

North West Homing Union

Irish Homing Union

Scottish Homing Union

Welsh Homing Pigeon Union

Schools Information

We are happy to arrange a visit to your school to talk about pigeons in war, one loft races and pigeon racing in general. Please contact the RPRA Chief Executive for further details.

A number of schools have even built their own loft and race their own pigeons, with support from the RPRA. Contact our Development Officer, Richard Chambers, if you would like to find out more about school lofts.

Other schools take part in our One Loft Race – a local fancier breeds them a pigeon to enter in the loft, and the school follows its progress through the race programme, receiving any prize money won by that pigeon. If you would like to be involved please contact the One Loft team.

Here are links to other websites with particular interest in educating young people about pigeon racing:

Secret Messages 
Flying Back to Nature 
Kingsmead School Pigeon Project