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Press and Schools

Press Enquiries

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association welcomes enquiries from journalists and reporters all over the UK. For all media enquiries please contact Richard Chambers, RPRA Development Manager, at [email protected] or on 07922 827932.

If you wish to contact another union, links to their websites are here:

Schools Information

We are happy to arrange a visit to your school to talk about pigeons in war, one loft races and pigeon racing in general. Please contact the RPRA Development Officer, Richard Chambers for further details.

A number of schools have even built their own loft and race their own pigeons, with support from the RPRA. As an organisation, we are looking for schools to set up their own pigeon lofts, and we will be able to support you with this and the funding application. Here are a number of schools that have taken up this offer and are currently racing their own pigeons:

All of the above schools are using pigeons in their every day school curriculum, and have even been recognised for their alternative educational approach, to cater for the needs of all students using their birds as an educational tool.

Again contact our Development Officer, Richard Chambers, if you would like to find out more about school lofts and how your school could start up their very own superstars of the sky.

Other schools take part in our One Loft Race – a local fancier breeds them a pigeon to enter in the loft, and the school follows its progress through the race programme, receiving any prize money won by that pigeon. If you would like to be involved please contact the One Loft team.

2022 RPRA SCHOOLS’ AWARDS sponsored by:

St Andrew’s Primary School, Oswaldtwistle – Bamford’s Schools Champions 2022

St Andrews started racing pigeons in 2019 when friend of the RPRA and Oswaldtwistle club member Peter Hargreaves approached the school to set up their own pigeon loft. In 2019 they won their first race, and were crowned the first ever RPRA Schools Champion. This was backed up in 2020 when they had a coefficient score of 8.06, which was the best score in any one week from all the schools throughout the year, and they have once again won the RPRA Schools Championships, sponsored by Bamford’s Corn who support our schools by donating free feed to all of them throughout the year. Congratulations to all of the children at the school for their continued hard work. The trophy was collected by the schools Deputy Headteacher, Paul Burns, along with the Headteacher and school site manager.