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Additional Loft Location Method Available

A third method of plotting your loft location was approved by the RPRA Council at the Annual General Meeting in 2023. As used in applying for a CPH number, Defra’s Magic Map may also now be used to map your loft in either OS Colour Mapping or Aerial Photography modes.

In the same way as Google Earth, you can place a pin where your loft lies, and a data box appears which shows your loft’s position in various formats, including Ordnance Survey latitude and longitude. A print of a screenshot of this map and box can then be sent to us, countersigned by a club official to verify that the position is correct, and accompanied by the £6.00 loft location fee.

The full guide to using the Magic Map to pinpoint your loft can be downloaded here. Click on the sample images below to see enlarged versions.



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