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EU Animal Health Regulations – Channel Racing

The last update below, in relation to Channel Racing and EU Animal Health Laws, includes a statement that outlined the hope that we would be in a position to provide clarity in respect of the remaining issues by the end of this year. This included the vaccination process and registering of lofts with the competent […]

FCI Olympiad 2022, Romania

The 2021 Olympiad was postponed due to the Covid-19 measures, and will now take place from 12th-14th August 2022 in Oradea, Romania, in Sporting and Standard Classes. Sporting Classes Due to the re-arranging of the dates, each country can enter two teams: Team A – results to count from the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Team […]

Avian Influenza – ‘Stop The Spread’ Defra Webinars

Due to the current avian influenza (‘Bird Flu’) outbreak, maintaining effective biosecurity has never been more critical. Find out what you can do to keep your birds free of the disease, by registering for one of the Defra webinars. These events will be hosted by leading Defra epidemiologists and veterinary professionals and will cover: The […]

RPRA One Loft Young Birds 2022 now full

Entries for the RPRA One Loft 2022 Young Birds Race have been flooding in over the last week, and the loft is now full. We cannot accept any more applications. The One Loft team are still in the process of responding to those who have sent in entries – if you have not already had […]

Bird Flu – Advice on Shows and Exercising Birds

Given the increasing level of Avian Influenza restrictions present in the UK, we wish to provide some clarity in relation to pigeon shows and exercising pigeons. Please note, this information is accurate as of 30th November 2021. Please continue to visit the RPRA website or social media for updates. The following advice is published jointly […]

GB22 Ring Orders

If you pre-ordered your GB22 rings before December, they went off with a Royal Mail truck this afternoon. It’s not too late to order, of course. Click on the appropriate image below to download an order form, then complete and send it to us along with a cheque/postal order made payable to the RPRA.  Alternatively, […]

RPRA National Awards 2021

The RPRA National Awards for 2021 have now been determined. In a change to the way in which the awards were decided, the majority were decided by coefficient calculations, others by decision of the RPRA Council. The award winners are listed below – our congratulations to them all. (Click on the image to see the […]

Avian Influenza – Code of Practice for Pigeon Racing

In view of the current situation with Avian Influenza (bird flu), we have uploaded an updated version of the Avian Influenza – Code of Practice for Pigeon Racing. Amendments to the previous document have been highlighted in red. This document should be read in its entirety and strictly followed and implemented. Once the current position […]

Data Protection and Stray Reporting

Following a review of the General Data Protection Regulation requirements, the way that we provide personal information in respect of stray reporting is changing. In future only a telephone number and/or email address will be given out to the finder and the owner.  In view of this, it is important that the information in our […]