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Wing Stamping and RPRA Rules

We are receiving reports of an increased number of pigeons that are being raced but do not have the relevant information required to adhere to Rule 121: 121. During the racing season, each member must ensure that every pigeon raced or trained by him is either wing stamped on at least three flights or carrying […]

Time Signal Maintenance and Clock Setting

We have received information from Unikon and Bricon in relation to the time signal being down for maintenance from 7th-23rd May 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to remind club officials of the correct manual setting process. UNIKON INSTRUCTION FOR MANUAL SETTING Manual Time Set When setting Unikon Clocks manually you should follow […]

Liberations near Airfields

We have received a complaint from Bournemouth Airport of an organisation not following the correct procedure and resulting in a near miss with an aircraft on Sunday.   In accordance with RPRA Rules (Page 28 of the 2019 Rule Book), “a proposed liberation of racing pigeons within 13km of a licensed aerodrome should be notified to the aerodrome […]