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RPRA Drug Testing Programme 2024

Council of the RPRA has approved drug testing for the 2024 season

The RPRA now uses a UK-based laboratory for its drug testing programme. The process is detailed within Appendix G of the RPRA Rules, and includes the following:
• Only trained personnel will be able to carry out sample collections on behalf of the RPRA, who will maintain a list of trained/authorised personnel.
• Two samples will be collected.

In addition:
• Authorised sample collectors will be provided with an identification document.
• Test kits will only be issued to RPRA authorised sample collectors.

Organisations who wish to have representatives trained as sample collectors should contact Racing Support at [email protected] or telephone 01452 713529.

A budget of £6,000 has been set aside to undertake drug testing during 2024, and RPRA affiliated organisations can therefore send samples for testing free of charge.

Free tests are offered on the following basis:

Organisations with less than 40 lofts – 2 free tests;
Organisations with more than 40 lofts – 4 free tests.

The RPRA Performance Enhancing Drugs Committee may also carry out random testing during the 2024 season. Appendix G Rule 3a applies.

The charge for additional tests to RPRA affiliated organisations will be £15 + VAT and postage for test kits, plus £95 + VAT per test

The charge for non-affiliated organisations will be £15 + VAT and postage for test kits, plus £130 + VAT per test.

It is the responsibility of all fanciers to ensure that no banned substances, as laid down in Appendix G of the current RPRA Rules, are administered to their racing pigeons in any form. Fanciers are strongly advised to check with the manufacturer or seller of all ingredients of any products used.

Chris Sutton
Chief Executive

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