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Booking of RPRA liberation sites

To avoid jeopardising official RPRA liberation sites all liberations MUST be booked and paid for through RPRA HQ. This includes Race Programmes, Open Races, One Loft Races and Training Tosses.

Please ensure 2020 Inland & Continental Race Programmes are completed on official forms and returned to The Reddings by Sunday 1st March, along with this APHA form. 2020 Race Programme Forms, Application to Liberate forms, site availability and fees for official RPRA liberation sites can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected] or direct dial 01452 858245.

The following liberation sites require keys for access:

4230 Brighton
4018 Buckingham
4153 Dunbar
4183 Great Driffield
4210 Huntingdon Jubilee Park
4065 Lyndhurst
4093 Retford
4209 Rotherham
4195 Worksop

Please send a £25.00 refundable deposit for each key requested to the Racing Support Office at RPRA HQ – A MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS NOTICE IS REQUIRED.

Salient points on these sites or any other official site can be found on the RPRA UK Liberation Sites Map page. Alternatively the official site report detailing useful information on any RPRA site is available on request from RPRA HQ.

Please note it is the Race Organiser’s responsibility to be aware of the DEFRA conditions under the General Licence for Bird Gatherings. Biosecurity measures MUST be adhered to as well as any other avian influenza licence restrictions introduced by DEFRA.

This is not a comprehensive list – full information on the current licence conditions can be found on the DEFRA General Licence for Bird Gatherings web page. 


Please ensure your licence is valid for the 2020 racing season if you are transporting pigeons. Convoyers’ licences are obtained through your Region Secretary.  The application form can be downloaded here or you can e-mail [email protected] or your Region Secretary. Complete the form and forward to your Region Secretary together with the £10.00 fee. To be included on the Convoyers Register and receive the 2020 Official Convoyers’ Booklet please add your mobile number where requested on the form.

Open Races

Application forms for an RPRA Open Race Licence can be obtained from your Region Secretary or downloaded here. The completed form, £10.00 fee & S.A.E must be sent to the Region Secretary at least 21 days before the race. An application to liberate form MUST be completed and sent with the relevant liberation site fee to Racing Support, RPRA HQ. To check site availability and fees e-mail [email protected] or call her on 01452 858245.


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