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One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 1

RPRA One Loft 2021 Young Birds Hot Spot 1 took place on Sunday from Ashbourne, a distance of 70 miles 613 yards. Here is Jeremy’s video of the liberation at midday.  The first birds arrived back at 1.15pm, and over 500 birds were back within half an hour. The provisional top 10 result is […]

RPRA Auction Site Open to Members

We have opened the RPRA auction website up to our members. If you have a group of pigeons to sell, or are having a clearance sale, why not contact us to discuss us hosting your sale? There are two ways we can set up an auction: either we enable you to upload your own lots, […]

Contacting the RPRA

Under the current circumstances, and following the relocation of the office, the way you contact us has changed, as a number of staff are working from home.  Below is an updated list of contacts – it is best to use e-mail, if you can. In any case, please do not call these numbers outside of […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Final Race

The Yearlings 2021 Final Race took place yesterday from Edzell, near Brechin. The 108 birds were liberated at 11.50am into broken cloud, with variable wind for the first 40 miles, turning to NE after. They cleared well in one group. The first two birds back arrived only seconds apart. The winner is seen below left, […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 3

Yearlings Hot Spot 3 took place yesterday from Alnwick, a distance of 235 miles 898 yards.  110 birds were liberated at 05:45am in broken skies, into a moderate WSW wind turning to south en route. The provisional top 10 result is below – a special mention for ‘North Man’ with four of them. Click on […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 2

RPRA One Loft Yearlings Hot Spot 2 took place today from Richmond, North Yorkshire (167 miles 566 yards). 141 birds were liberated at 7.00am into a variable wind and cleared very well. The first birds home made good time, arriving back just over three hours later. Here is the provisional top 10 result. Click on […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 1

The RPRA One Loft Yearlings Race Hot Spot 1 took place today from Worksop (103 miles, 1210 yards). 164 birds were liberated at 8.00am into a sunny light variable wind. The first birds arrived back at just before 10.00am, and the provisional top 10 result is below. Click on the image to see the full […]

Airshow Calendar 2021

With the pigeon racing season now well under way, we ask that in addition to the requirements contained within our rules regarding pigeon releases around active civil airfields, members need to be aware of the airshow season. The resumption of airshows will bring increased summer flight activity, and we would ask all fanciers living within […]

Pigeon Race for Dementia Action Week

As a part of Dementia Action Week, a charity pigeon race was organised by the Copeland Mental Health Team and Cumbria Region RPRA, taking place on a beautiful spring day from Whitehaven Harbour to Northside Workington. Individuals could pick their selection and there were several small prizes on offer. Sheena from the MH team had […]

Can you reunite this lost medal with the family?

Dan Davies found this old pigeon racing medal while metal detecting near Pickering, North Yorkshire, and would like to return it to the family, if possible. It was awarded to the Sagar Cup winner of 1922, and has the recipient’s name on the reverse. Please e-mail genuine claims only to [email protected], stating the name on […]