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Inland Racing 2022

Firstly, before I go any further, I wish to express the importance of complying with the Avian Influenza Code of Practice. There is a legal requirement to inform the APHA of the venue and dates etc of all marking – see this page. Inland Racing: Despite information circulating, I can confirm that races scheduled to […]

UNIKON Update 2022

We have received the following from Deister regarding an update to UNIKON clocks for 2022: “There is a firmware update to 3.2 which is required for all UNIKON Champ and Profi bases, club and loft. All clubs will be contacted as soon as possible; this has been delayed due to a change with email processes […]

Online ordering system

RPRA members and affiliated organisations are able to pay membership subscriptions and order rings through our online ordering system. Click on the image on the right to begin. As with the automated transfer system, individual members will need to enter their own RPRA loft number and the e-mail address that we have recorded for them […]

RPRA Annual General Meeting 2022

The 126th Annual General Meeting of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association took place at the Jurys Inn Hotel, Cheltenham, on Friday 25th February. The minutes of the meeting and the annual accounts can be downloaded below. Download: Minutes of AGM 2022    Download: Annual Accounts   

RPRA Membership and Insurance 2022

In March 2019 we reported on the launch of a new club insurance scheme (click the link to read about it), with the cost of the initial year’s policy being covered by the RPRA from existing reserves. From 2020 we have had to pass that cost on to members: membership fees remain at £10, but […]

Registration of NWHU Rings

Since 2019 all rings issued by the North West Homing Union (NWHU) that are raced or shown under RPRA rules have had to be registered with the RPRA by 1st April. This follows the decision taken by the RPRA Council that all rings issued by unions that are not members of the British Confederation should […]

Vaccinating against Paramyxovirus

It is that time of year when many fanciers will have vaccinated – or are about to vaccinate – their pigeons against paramyxovirus. This is necessary for you to be able to race or show your birds. To be clear about the vaccines you should be using, the Government’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate has approved two […]

Racing and Avian Influenza

As the racing season is approaching, I feel it beneficial to comment on the possible impact of the current Avian Influenza position. As previously published in our guidance here, despite the high level of avian influenza outbreaks, gatherings of racing pigeons are still permitted under the General Licence. Therefore, inland racing is currently permitted and […]

CEO on Times Radio

RPRA CEO Ian Evans spoke to Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio’s ‘Behind the Headlines’ programme yesterday afternoon about the impact of Brexit on channel racing. Listen to the interview on the player below:   https://www.rpra.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Times-Radio-090222.mp3  

Airshow Calendar 2022

With the pigeon racing season fast approaching, we ask that in addition to the requirements contained within our rules regarding pigeon releases around active civil airfields, members need to be aware of the airshow season. The resumption of airshows will bring increased summer flight activity, and we would ask all fanciers living within the vicinity […]