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Free RPRA Results Software

The RPRA rolled out a new results software in 2020, which is free to all member organisations. Since that time over 650 organisations have taken advantage of the opportunity. To obtain your club’s free copy please e-mail [email protected], quoting your club name and number, to be added to the installation process.

Each organisation requires a link to download the program, and will be issued with a username and password managed by the RPRA. A secretary may run more than one organisation. You only need to have the program on one machine, but you will need a username and password for each different organisation you manage.

The software is designed to manage any size of organisation: Nationals, Combines, Federations and Clubs. All types of races are catered for, e.g. prize money, pooling, points, nominations etc.

Click here to read more in-depth details on the results software.





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