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Free RPRA Results Software

The RPRA rolled out a new results software in 2020, which is free to all member organisations. Since that time over 750 organisations have taken advantage of the opportunity. Club Secretaries – to obtain your club’s free copy, please e-mail [email protected], quoting your club name and number, to be added to the installation process.

Each organisation requires a link to download the program, and will be issued with a username and password managed by the RPRA. A secretary may run more than one organisation, and you only need to have the program on one machine, but you will need a username and password for each different organisation that you manage.

The software is designed to manage any size of organisation: Nationals, Combines, Federations and Clubs. All types of races are catered for, e.g. prize money, pooling, points, nominations etc.

Click here to read more in-depth details on the results software.





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