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Vaccinating against Paramyxovirus

It is that time of year when many fanciers will have vaccinated – or are about to vaccinate – their pigeons against paramyxovirus. This is necessary for you to be able to race or show your birds.

To be clear about the vaccines you should be using, the Government’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate has approved two medicines for vaccinating against paramyxovirus:

Colomobovac PMV and Nobilis Paramyxo P201

The use of any other vaccine will mean you will not be able to take part in inland or channel racing.

Club Secretaries or the responsible person should be checking vaccination certificates to ensure compliance with the RPRA’s Vaccination Code of Practice below, which explains the position full.

Click on the image to go to the VMD’s full list of veterinary medicines approved for use in the UK.

Paramyxovirus can significantly harm a pigeon’s health, and is a notifiable disease. This means that if you suspect your pigeon is infected you must tell the Animal and Plant Health Agency immediately. Failure to do so is an offence.



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