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Wing Stamping and RPRA Rules

We are receiving reports of an increased number of pigeons that are being raced but do not have the relevant information required to adhere to Rule 121:

121. During the racing season, each member must ensure that every pigeon raced or trained by him is either wing stamped on at least three flights or carrying a ring, in either case clearly showing the name and address of the owner or the telephone number of a person or Organisation to whom the pigeon should be reported if it becomes a stray. Any pigeon not so rung or wing stamped will not be accepted for racing under any circumstances whatsoever and Marking Committees must ensure that this is strictly adhered to. Any case of non-compliance may, after investigation by the Local Region Committee, entail the suspension of the relevant member.

May I remind all members of this requirement and also remind all club officials/marking committees of their responsibilities under Rule 121, i.e. they should ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to.

Please could all marking committee and club officials put in place a process of checking adherence to this rule prior to race entry. Any pigeon without the required information should not be allowed entry into the race.

Ian Evans

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