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FCI World’s Best Pigeons 2021

The FCI has announced the results of its World’s Best Pigeons 2021 competition.

Our congratulations to all of the British fanciers who qualified, both from the RPRA and the NEHU. These are:

Mark Gilbert (RPRA) – 7th Speed Category
Richard Goodier (RPRA) – 13th Speed Category
Shaun McDonough (RPRA) – 19th Speed Category
Mr & Mrs Kinahan & Turner (NEHU) – 22nd Middle Distance Category
Mallaburn Brothers (NEHU) – 27th Middle Distance Category
Dinning Son & Lumsden (NEHU) – 32nd Middle Distance Category
Leon Prince (RPRA) – 63rd Middle Distance Category

You can see the full results by clicking on the FCI logo above right.

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