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Fly By Night – remembering WW1 pigeons

US artist Duke Riley created Fly By Night to “pay beautiful homage to some of the First World War’s unsung heroes: the military pigeons that played crucial roles delivering messages between distant personnel.” Displaying over the River Thames for three days in June, the epic outdoor work saw over 1500 LED-lit pigeons soar into the skies in […]

Pigeons in War on Channel 4 News

Last night’s news on Channel 4 featured an item on pigeons in war, including Jon Snow interviewing the RPRA Development Officer Richard Chambers. Project 14-18 has been working with artist Duke Riley to develop a visual project that will raise awareness of the pigeon in war. A loft has been built in London (see below) […]

Play as a carrier pigeon in WW1 game!

Swedish gaming company DICE has produced a World War 1 game – Battlefield 1 – which includes a section in which you play as a carrier pigeon delivering a message to its HQ. Watch the youtube clip of the scene above – it’s pretty awesome!  

Let’s hear it for Colin Hill

The late Dan Humphries was the curator and driving force behind a Pigeons at War Exhibition in Cornwall, which proved extremely popular with many visitors seeking it out when holidaying in the area. After Dan’s death the artefacts and displays he so painstakingly assembled were briefly relocated in Cornwall before being moved to Bletchley Park […]

War relic in the HBFV Museum, Belgium

Jo Peeters, who runs the HBFV Musuem in Belgium, dedicated to the Belgian and French Resistance during World War II, tells us of a relic in their collection relating to carrier pigeon NURP 39 TTTI that delivered Message 37 to MI4 and the RAF on 12 July 1941. The basket containing the pigeon was dropped […]

Remembering Animals in War

RPRA Office Manager, Julia Field, attended the Remembrance Service for Animals in War last week. She reports: “I was honoured to have the opportunity to lay a wreath on behalf of the RPRA on the steps of the Animals in War Memorial in London on Friday 18th November at a service of remembrance. “There were […]

Updated Display at the Cornwall at War Museum

The animals at war display at the Cornwall at War Museum, Davidstow, near Camelford, has recently been updated. This work was undertaken by Ms Pauline Bajic and includes facsimiles of documents held within the RPRA archive. If you are visiting the area please make sure you pop in to have a look at the fascinating […]

Pigeon memorabilia on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

The episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip broadcast on BBC2 on Monday evening featured an item on pigeon memorabilia and scenes which were filmed at the RPRA One Loft some months ago. Designer Wayne Hemingway and comedian Graham Fellows (in the guise of John Shuttleworth) were the two participating celebrities, accompanied by experts Philip Serrell and Paul Laidlaw. […]

RPRA visits Endon Hall Primary School

RPRA General Manager, Stewart Wardrop, visited Endon Hall Primary School in Stoke-on-Trent to talk about pigeons, and in particular their role in World War II, which the pupils are studying. His presentation included a slide show on pigeon history, an explanation of their contribution to the war – supported by props, including a pigeon parachute – […]

WW2 Military Intelligence and the use of Pigeons

Jennifer Spangler has produced a very interesting blog on World War 2 Military Intelligence and in particular the use of carrier pigeons for the return of messages from agents in occupied Europe. The blog features scans of many documents – most highly secret at the time – which tell the story of the contribution that carrier […]