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Automated transfers

Welcome to the RPRA’s FREE online automated transfer system 

Click on the button on the right to begin.


In order to transfer rings to another loft, you will need your own RPRA loft number and the e-mail address that we have recorded for you in our membership database (see below on how to inform us of this), plus the RPRA loft number and e-mail address of the person you are transferring the ring to.

You will see the following on entering the transfer system:

Enter your own loft number and e-mail address to log in, and you will then see this page:

Enter the loft number and e-mail address of the new owner and click ‘Submit’. You will now arrive at the page on which to enter the first ring number to be transferred:

Now enter the appropriate ring details. NB – for the Ring Year there is no need for the 20xx digits, e.g. for 2022 rings enter just 22, as it appears on the ring. When you click ‘Submit’ the page will refresh to list the ring number to be transferred. (If the ring entered is not in your name, you will see a red box stating this and you will not be able to proceed.) In the same way, enter any further ring numbers that you wish to transfer to the same loft, and when you are ready click the green ‘Make Transfer’ button:

Once you have clicked ‘Make Transfer’, a warning box will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to transfer the ring(s). When you click OK, the rings will be transferred and both you and the new owner will receive an e-mail confirmation receipt. The system will then return to the first page, ready for you to make a fresh transfer.

As there is no paper, postage or staff time involved in automated transfers,
there is no fee for this service.

Do we have your e-mail address?

If you think we may not have your e-mail address in our database, please send a message to [email protected] – remember to include your RPRA loft number, name and address. We will update your details as soon as we can, but it may take up to 72 hours for the update to take effect. Please note: Requests will only be accepted from the e-mail address to be registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn’t there a risk of fraud using the electronic system?
A. There is no more risk of fraud using the electronic system than with paper based transfers. Anyone could fill in a paper transfer without the consent of the other party. In both instances, both parties are informed of the transfer and have the opportunity to object should they so wish.

Q. What if I object to a bird being transferred to or from my loft number?
A. Give us a call in the office and we will investigate. We will ask you to forward the e-mail you have received and will then do our best to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both parties.

Q. I don’t wish to provide my loft number and email address to a third party – what do I do?
A. There is no compulsion to use the electronic system and it will not be right for everyone. We will continue to accept paper transfers for the foreseeable future.