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All racing pigeons are ringed on one leg with life rings, each carrying an individual number which identifies the specific pigeon. The RPRA supplies GB rings to its members.

Stray Pigeons

Should you find a stray racing pigeon you can enter the ring number in our Stray Reporting Wizard and receive the owner’s contact details. Alternatively, if you open the bird’s wing, you may find – stamped on one or more feathers – the name and address and/or telephone number of the owner.

Ring Price Calculator

To work out the cost of buying rings we have provided a ring price calculator below. This shows the prices for GB20 original and show racer rings. You may order rings either by post with a cheque/postal order – on this form – or by phone using a debit/credit card: call (before 4pm)  on 01452 713529 Ext 204. 

To pre-order GB21 rings please see this page.

Rings are supplied in multiples of 20.