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In order to transfer a GB ring number into your name, you need to submit a completed transfer form, duly signed by the vendor (the person from whom you are transferring the bird), and with your details completed where appropriate.

You can list up to 6 rings per form, provided that all of the rings are being transferred from the same vendor. You will need a separate form for each different vendor.

Send the completed forms, together with a fee of £2 per form, to RPRA, The Reddings, Cheltenham, GL51 6RN. Cheques or postal orders are accepted – we advise you not to send cash through the post, and we do not accept payment in stamps. There is no need to send a SAE with a transfer form.

This procedure applies to GB rings only – for rings from other British organisations (NEHU, WHU, SHU etc) please refer to the appropriate organisation. We do not keep those records here at The Reddings.

For foreign ring registrations please send us the new owner’s card, together with your details and a fee of £2 per card, to the same address above.